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Thread: Rates of Interest on Savings and CD accounts?

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    Rates of Interest on Savings and CD accounts?

    What are the rates of interest you have at your local bank for your savings and CD (Certificate of Deposit) account? I've seen as high as a 4% interest rate per year in an account. Right now my bank provides only a 1.5% Yield per year. What rates of interest are given by your bank?

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    From my area in the pacific northwest USA, the smaller local banks have much better rates of return on deposit than the major banks. I know of a bank that yields almost 4% in checking for a 1 year deposit. This return is great, especially if you compare it to CDs. Hope this helps.

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    I think bank should increase their rate of interest. What do you think??

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    You are not going to get prosperous purchasing CDs, but you can do a lot worse. The main reason for this is low interest rates. Regardless, here are the best CDs available today, based largely upon best yield.

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    What are the interest rates currently like? Are they worth it?

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