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Thread: Should we bother trying to predict interest rates?

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    Should we bother trying to predict interest rates?

    Should we bother trying to predict interest rates? It's possible that interest rates can continue going lower. That doesn't mean they will but this is why depositing into a "CD ladder" is important rather than into a savings account where you may think higher interest rates are soon to come. In a CD ladder, as each year's CD comes due, you roll it into a 5 year CD(Certificate of Deposit). What are your thoughts on this?

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    I think you can predict interest rates over a short term period. Like if the market is doing extremely well, rates will rise. But I haven't seen anyone be able to predict if rates will rise over the long term. Just because rates are low now we can't expect them to jump up in the near future without a lot of news to back it up. CD ladders sound like a great concept!

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    I can't really predict the interest rate of personal loans as they seems to be much high as compared to loan against property. The interest rates are not stable and truly depends on the market business ratio.

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    I think no. Just always expect the rising of the interest because market always change.

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    In my opinion interest rates of loans depend on various factors ranging from big ones like economy of the country to minor factors like Cement and other commodities prices for home loans..Instead of trying to predict interest rates it is better to rely on sites like where we can find interest rates comparison from different banks..

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