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National Westminster Bank PLC
135 Bishops Gate PO Box 147
London, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 7520XX7233
Fax: +44 8712XX6779
E-mail: fundremittancedepartmentXX[at]

Kind Attention: Dear Customer,

We are in receipt of your email today alongside your bank account details as sent to us by you with your attached identification card. Be informed that we have finished the accounts verification process and we are now ready to conclude the said funds transfers on your provided bank account.

Now we wish to ask you to provide us with the under listed Funds Transfer Documents which clears your transfers of all clandestine motives and following which your funds will only be transferred into your bank account without any further delay.

1). AFFIDAVIT OF CLAIMS: This has to be sworn at the BRITISH CROWN COURT OF LONDON and proves that your lottery win actually emanated from the Coca-Cola e-Lottery Incorporated.

2). ANTI TERRORISM/DRUG CERTIFICATE: This document also proves that you are the legitimate beneficiary of the lottery prize under Coca-Cola e-Lottery Incorporated and should be sent to this bank prior to the transfer.

It is important to note that these two documents will ensure that your lottery prize of £950,000.00 (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great Britain Pounds, Only) is transferred to your nominated bank without any hitch from your Government or any International Monetary Agency, on the grounds of Money Laundering, Terrorism or Drug related activities of any kind and as such it proves the actual source of the referenced funds when transferred into your account through bank to bank wire transfer.

Further more, the aforementioned Affidavit of Claims document should be obtained by Her Majesty's British Crown Court of London, United Kingdom, alongside the Drug Law Enforcement Agency for Anti Terrorism/Drug Certificate. These two documents are very important and essentially needed by this bank following which your funds can only be transferred to you through your nominated bank account. It proves you to be a lottery winner and clears the said funds transfer of all clandestine motives.

In this regard, You can either come down to London in person if possible to obtain the necessary documents by yourself or you seek the assistance of the Registrar British Crown Court of London. He will assist you to procure these two documents from the concerned agencies and send them to this bank immediately to act on.

We would like to know your choice, if possible you can come to the United Kingdom, kindly notify us on time so that we can get you a hotel reservation attached with some letters which should be sent to you upon your departure and prior to your arrival to London, but if it will be inconveniencing for you, then you can immediately contact the said Registrar through the e-mail address below:

Barrister XX Williams (Esq), London Crown Court
E-mail: williamsolicitorsXX(at)
Tel: +447404XX8650

We hereby give you our assurance that His Legal Firm, is a very competent and reliable one. Also you should note that any other law court here in London is also legible to procure and provide these documents on your behalf.

Just be rest assured that immediately our bank receives these mentioned two very important clearance documents from the Lawyer acting on your behalf, your transfers will be carried out on your bank account within the next 24 working hours.

Note: Your bank shall be receiving a copy of these certificates and any other relevant document that proves the authenticity and the source of your funds when transferred into your bank account in your country of residence.

Also be informed that your prize fund is expected to be remitted to you before the 30th of December, 2018 being the Coca-Cola e-Lottery stipulated term for the claim of prizes, failure to comply within the said duration will leave us with no choice than to terminate your transfers and disburse the funds back to the Treasury of the Coca-Cola e-Lottery Board Management and term it as unclaimed.

You may be required to note that by virtue of section 7; subsection 2, paragraph 3 of the Drug bill of the Great Britain 1985, transfer of large sums of money worth $10,000.00 and more, will have an Affidavit Sworn to show that it does not have anything to do with illegal duties and Drug-related transaction of any kind. A Certificate to certify that the fund is drug free and will be issued by the Directorate of the British Crown Court.

Also by virtue of section 1, subsection 3; of the anti-terrorism and anti fraud bill of the United Kingdom 2001, transfer of funds to the value of $50,000.00 to the Middle East, Africa, Asia and America should be properly investigated, scrutinized and certified that it does not have any clandestine/terrorist motivation.

***Re-attached to this email is a PDF scan copy of your Coca Cola e-Lottery Funds Deposit Certificate.

Yours faithfully,

Head of Operations
Online Banking
Bankers of the United Kingdom
We are fully committed to provide you with the best of our service.